Vibe High Cosmetics

Specializing in changing the appearance of your reality with passionate intuitive readings, powerful attraction oils, activating your goddess power and high vibes.

"I changed my mind to change my life. If I can do it, you can too!"

- Tori

You are a Goddess: Tap into your Power

Welcome babe!

My name is Tori and it is a pleasure to become acquainted. I know you are here because you are seeking change in your life and I know you are ready to quit the self doubt, lack of confidence and activate that goddess power that you KNOW you have within. Vibe High Cosmetics was birthed out of that reason alone. I was a under payed over worked flight attendant and quite frankly that position was not my purpose. On the pursuit of finding what my calling was, I took a leap of faith, quit my job and followed spirit's direction in February 2020. Immediately after I made that decision, spirit gave me the idea of Vibe High Cosmetics. I started off making lip glosses but was eagerly instructed to create an intention oil. Following that guidance birthed the popular Money Is Coming To ME oil that went onto sell over 800+ bottles. Beautiful reviews came pouring in like the Niagara Falls and in that moment, I felt like I found my calling. No beloved. The oils isn't my purpose. The innate ability to listen, follow spirits direction, trust and create is. The oil is just the manifestation of my intuitive decision. Just like you I had to choose which direction I wanted my life to go even when it was scary. At this very moment I speak life over your life. You decided to come to this site because you genuinely want your current reality to change and I am here to support that decision. Do yourself a favor and Check out today with products that would assist you with creating that change right now.

Vibe High Cosmetics: Changing the appearance of your reality.

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