Banish & Protect Candle

Banish & Protect Candle

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Banish all negative energy from your home, mind, and from external forces with this banish and protect candle. Cast a blanket of protection from evil eye šŸ§æ, jealousy, harm and negative people. Guardian Angels will oversee your situation and get to work immediately as you state your intention and light your candle.

Sits under Full Moon Energy.Ā 


  • Trim your witch before lighting
  • You can leave this 7 day candle lit until it goes out.
  • Please use fire safety!Ā 
  • Place candle in a plastic bowl filled with water if you donā€™t feel comfortable leaving it unattendedĀ 
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Never Blow your candle out, snuff it
  • Write your petitions and place it under your candle !

Pair with: Ancestors Protection Spray: Back Tf UpĀ 

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