Worship Me (Do As I Say Oil)

Worship Me (Do As I Say Oil)

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(Limited Supply Available) 


Sometimes people need to be programmed for their own good.  Got a hubby who is stingy with the wallet? How about a meddling mother-in-law? A nagging-ass boss that’s stepping on your nerves?


GET YOUR WAY with the assistance of Worship Me. 


Worship Me is infused with the DOMINATING power of Calamus and Licorice and SUPERCHARGED with the FIERY passion of Mars. 

NOTICE that your words begin to BEGUILE and CONTROL, as your target falls victim to your will. 

ASSERT Your DOMINANCE and put them in their PLACE!



*Place in your candles, bath water, bath soaps, in your shoes, on your wrist, in your wallet, to become assertive & have quiet dominance.  

*Do Not Digest*
*Keep away from Children*
*Coconut Oil and herbs are used*

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Worship Me is flexible and can be used in all types of spellwork. You can dress your candles and all spell materials with this oil. You can also wear around the home, office or anywhere your target may be. It will work even better if you touch your target while you have WORSHIP ME on.  

Only available for this summer! Get it while supplies last. USE RESPONSIBLY!