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Godde$$ Abundance Guided Meditation + Affirmation Booklet

Godde$$ Abundance Guided Meditation + Affirmation Booklet

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Are you ready to remove lack from your reality and become a money MAGNET? This affirmation list and meditation combo pack will have money falling into your lap! 💰 

This is for you if:

1) You are tired of living paycheck to paycheck 

2) You want money to be your best friend instead of an enemy

3) You want to create an abundance mindset 

4) You want to attract prosperity instead of chase it

5) You want to attract success in your business 

6) You want to remove debt 

7) You desire to be in your goddess energy 


Download your copy today and allow your abundant goddess energy to come forth! 


1) Take one affirmation each day and repeat it as often as you can throughout the day. So on day one you would use the affirmation that has a 1 over it. Repetition is key!

2) Download the Meditation and use it twice a day. Once in the morning and right before bed.

3) Choose to feel good! Do not let anything externally trigger you. If anything comes up that you don’t like, pull out an affirmation and begin repeating it. 

4) Let the magic unfold! 



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