Bo$$ B!tch Subliminal Meditation

Bo$$ B!tch Subliminal Meditation

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Bos$$ Bitch Subliminal

Are you ready to enter into your baddest, most finest, confident era of your dreams? This subliminal meditation is offering you a clean fresh slate where you are the most respected, loved and adored boss babe who always gets what she wants. Whether you are looking for a new job, a promotion, more sales in business, or being divinley aligned to you purpose, this subliminal will have you feeling excited about your next steps. 

If you are ready to step into your divine blessings, accomplish your career goals, become the best version of yourself and step into the life of your dreams then this subliminal will get you there! 

Main Focus

  1. Crushing your career goals
  2. Illuminating Confidence
  3. Glow Up
  4. Divine Blessings / Rich Bitch Innergy 
  5. The woman who has it all
  6. Adoration, creativity, respect, love


PLEASE READ: Subliminals are high frequency assumptions that are downloaded into the subconsious to bring about a desired reality. Vibe High subliminals are made with calming sounds & powerful yet impactful affirmations to get your subconsious to tune into a different frequency long enough to impress your mental. Typically you will only hear music & the affirmations are playing in the background at a very low volume but trust they are there! You will energetically feel the impact of this subliminal. Please do not listen while you are driving or operating machinery. You can obtain the best results by listening with headphones but isn't required. For a better results, listen to the subliminal multiple times a day (especially when you first wake up or before going to bed)  Consistency gets you far! I hope you enjoy this easy and effortless manifesting technique! Just relax and let the audio do its thang!