NEW! Show Me The Truth Oil (Truth Serum)

NEW! Show Me The Truth Oil (Truth Serum)

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During the roughest moments of my life when I couldn’t see past the illusions, lies, and fake sh!t ….spirit revealed to me the ingredients to make this truth serum. Using myself as a test trial (like I always do with my products)…I made this intentional oil, and placed a few drops on a black candle. I instructed spirit to show me the truth about a particular relationship….

THAT NIGHT, spirit showed me who this person really was! The mask came off, the secrets came out and I got a fair chance to make a decision to walk away! 

Truth Serum will bring you the information YOU need to make a sound, clear decision. Sometimes the truth is ugly and what you may find may not be pretty but at least you can finally do what’s best for you! 

Truth Serum is made with passion to finding your souls truth! It can be used to find out if the relationship your in is worth it, who is jealous of you (so you can remove yourself from them) , or to find out your true souls purpose!

Scent: Pineapple & Peppermint


1) Place a few drops on a black or white candle (or you can place some on your wrist before leaving your home)

2) Tell spirit what you want to know the truth about

3) Pay attention to signs, your intuition, your dreams and what spirit reveals to you!



*Do Not Digest*
*Keep away from Children*
*Coconut Oil and herbs are used*

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