NEW! Restore Me (Spiritual Healing Oil) 🙏🏾

NEW! Restore Me (Spiritual Healing Oil) 🙏🏾

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Dear spirit, 

Restore the pieces of me that have been broken, lost or taken away. Assist me in the process of forgiving myself & those who have forsaken me. Help me honor all of me…my past, my flaws and the greatest things about me.

Thank you,




Restore me (spiritual healing oil) has the potent healing energy to restore anything you that has been lost. Healing properties such as forgiveness, release, and grace has been infused into this oil so that you can grow and finally move forward.

This oil comes with a black candle so that you can heal even the things that are unseen! Feelings may come up only for you to release so don’t be ashamed to cry , get angry and yell one last time! Healing isn’t a destination but a journey that we keep walking towards. Blessings are upon you!

Scent: Vanilla 


1) Place some oil on a black or white candle (You can also place the oil on your chest)

2) Tell spirit what you need restored! Speak from the heart & write a letter if you need too!

3) Recite the above prayer or create your own!

4) Be open to receiving healing energy! Remember that healing comes in many shapes and forms so be gentle with yourself through this process!