Quick Cash Candle 💰

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Quick Cash Candle 💰

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If you are in a pinch and need quick cash now this candle set is for you! This powerhouse combo is packed with money herbs, money booster powder and is drenched in wealthy rich conjure oil. 


1 mini road opener green candle

1 large pillar quick cash candle 



1) Light mini road opener candle first asking the universe to open all of your roads to money, success, opportunities, jobs, or whatever it is you desire. (use a candle holder or a fire safety bowl to place candle in)  

2) After mini road opener candle is finished burning; light large pillar quick cash candle being specific in stating your request as to what you need. You can say something like “Universe, please bring me an job opportunity that is safe, stress free and pays $18 an hour” (use a candle holder or a fire safety bowl to place candle in)

3) Let go & Let GOD! You did your part. Now act as if your manifestations are already here! Thank God in advance! 


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