Mental Prison Release Oil

Mental Prison Release Oil

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“Transform yourself by the renewing of your mind” -Romans 12:2 


Mental anxiety can cause major stress upon the body which removes your ability to think clearly, complete daily task, or have the motivation to complete goals. This oil will release you from your own personal mental prison. Whether it’s your inability to forgive a specific person, get over a childhood trauma, remove yourself from guilt and shame, this oil will help you get through these trying thoughts that keep ruminating in your mind.

A new mental perspective will begin to penetrate your mind as you find hope again. Your subconscious will find progress in everything you do, allowing yourself to become your own best friend. This is a healing energy that presses upon your mind.


Directions: Place the mental prison release oil on top of your hair while repeating “I am transformed by the renewing of my mind. I release myself from my own personal mental prison.”

Be prepared for things to come up for you to heal. During this time, journal, cry, feel and release. Spirit will do the rest! 



*Do Not Digest*
*Keep away from Children*
*Oil and herbs are used*


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