Fairy Vibes Manifesting Oil

Fairy Vibes Manifesting Oil

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Do you believe in Fairies? Ever wondered how you can contact them? Are you interested in developing their spunky & lucky high vibrational attitude and begin creating a personal relationship with them?


Fairies (a.k.a The Fae) are mystical creatures that are found in nature.


Upon using Fairy Vibes, you will feel a strong presence of jovial energy and you will develop a high vibrational attitude about life and completely transform your energy to be more attractive like the fairy! You may also feel strongly compelled to research The Fae and learn more about their world. 


To form a bond with The Fae, you must wear Fairy Vibes and spend some time outdoors. Its optional but you can create a honey jar as an offering because Fairies love honey!


Powered by Peridot--one of The Fae’s favorite crystals--Fairy Vibes will help you to instantly stand out. The fairies will notice you and be more inclined to interact with you. 


The more in tune you become with Mother Nature, the more in tune you will become with the Fairy kingdom. 



*Place in your candles, bath water, bath soaps, in your shoes, on your wrist, in your wallet, in your car to attract positive high vibrational energy to you. 

*Do Not Digest*
*Keep away from Children*
*Coconut Oil and herbs are used*

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