Cleanse & Purify Bath Salt🛁

Cleanse & Purify Bath Salt🛁

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We carry a lot of energetic gunk on our aura and if we are not constantly cleansing our energy, this can effect our mood, our stability and our overall well being.

 These cleansing and purifying bath salts take away all harbored energetic gunk that is weighing you down. This bath is also a great jinx remover breaking any curses against you. You will know if you need to cleanse from negative energy if you feel stuffy, not manifesting, depressed, sad, overly frustrated and lost.  These bath salts may look pretty but we are not here for looks, we are here for results! 

(Made with fine grain Himalayan salt) 


1) Draw your bath and fill it with your favorite bubbles

2) Pour the cleanse & purify bath salts in the tub while reciting psalm 23

3) As you soak in the tub, silent your mind as you feel the release happening. Stay in the tub for 15 min & air dry! 

4) As you get out the tub, watch all your worries leave the drain and recite psalm 23 again! 

*Please hydrate with water immediately after and get some rest as you may feel tired afterwards 


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