💰Money Magnet Mojo Bag💰

💰Money Magnet Mojo Bag💰

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Mojo bags are a secret hoodoo trick to conjure magical energy of luck, money, love and protection towards you.

💰This handmade vibe high money magnet mojo bag attracts job opportunities, clients, business deals, raises, good luck, and fortunate events to unfold into your life💰




1) Never open your mojo bag!

2) Take your bag, hold your bag, and speak your name and birthday over the bag (you are doing this to let this bag know who this powerful energy belongs to) You can say something like “My name is ______ and my birthday is ______ ! I claim this powerful energy of money magnetism as mine! I am open to abundant opportunities that lead me in a prosperous direction. I am grateful, thank you!

3) Keep the mojo bag either in your purse, wallet, car, under your pillow while you sleep, or in your bra! The goal is to keep the bag near you!!!!




5) Recharge your bag by placing it under the moon when the moon is full or new! You can also recharge your bag by lighting a white candle and placing your bag next to it on Mondays. (Other option to recharge your bag is to place it out under the full or new moon to soak up the lunar energy)

Remember: Mojo bags are concealed energy so it must be recharged on a weekly or bi weekly basis!


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