Assorted Size Magical Bay Leaves 🍃

Assorted Size Magical Bay Leaves 🍃

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(Limited Supply Only) Blessed Magical Bay Leaves 🍃 

Write your Wish on a Bay Leaf & it comes True!!! I’ve put together a pack of personal bay leaves that I command & bless so that you can get your wishes fulfilled 🧚🏾 Bay leaf magic is powerful and has helped me grow my business! (Please know that these are assorted sizes so you may get some small, medium or large bay leaves) 

Follow the directions below. 


1) Write your name & dob on the bay leaf 

2) Write your wish on the bay leaf (example: I make $1,000 a week from my online business)

3) Place some wealthy rich, come 2 me Attraction Oil oil and Triple Action Road Opener oil on the back of the bay leaf

4) Burn the bay leaf using a fire safety bowl  

5) Watch how quickly your wish comes true


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